Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bad Behavior in the Computer Age

A colleague and good friend of mine, Rob Joseph of FastTeks On-site Computer Services, recently shared an article with me that made me think.  The article was entitled "Bad Behavior, Not Maleware, Puts More of Your Corporate Data at Risk", written by Ken Hess. 

The article reveals:
63% of employees use remote storage devices to transfer confidential work files
45% of employees use consumer sites like DropBox and
30% of employees use cloud storage services
60% of employees use personal email to transfer work info
Nearly 75% think IT approves of this behavior

To top it all off "almost one third of the employees who use their personal e-mail to transfer work information know their computers have been hacked."  

In other words, without meaning to, your employees are opening the door to potential threats.  

In my opinion, this is a case of not supplying your "first most precious asset"—your employees—with the right tool to protect your "second most precious asset"—your company data. My friend Rob would say I have the first and second mixed up, but he is an IT guy and entitled to his opinion.

From an HR perspective it should go like this:
  • Provide employees the tools, processes and procedures to protect company data the safest way.
  • Train ALL employees on how to properly transfer files from one company location to another without using personal cloud services, USB sticks or SD cards.
  • Occasionally monitor or spot check for compliance.
  • Provide more training on a routine basis as a reminder or whenever technology changes.

My friend Rob can answer any technical questions and even provide training.  I can help you with writing an air-tight policy and help you enforce it.  Thanks Rob - it is great to have a colleague like you!  You can contact Rob at:  480-802-4007 or

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