Thursday, January 23, 2014

What a one Hour Consultation Can Do For You!

I offer a free one-hour consultation and I have a hunch that some business owners don’t take me up on it for one simple reason: they are afraid of what I might find out. They think it will be as painful as going to the dentist but instead of me asking “How often do you floss?” I will ask “How often do you check references or backgrounds on your new hires?”

Of course, when the dentist asks his or her question we usually wince and weakly say “I don’t.” The sad truth is that oftentimes, the answer would be the same for my question, too. The dentist then goes into all the benefits of flossing and gives us instructions and free floss before we leave. Then we have the freedom to take his or her advice and start a new healthier habit that will help prevent tooth decay. That is exactly what I do during my one hour consultation—give you instruction (and in many cases, the tools) to use to start a new healthier HR practice which will possibly prevent the “decay” of your workforce.

The main areas I examine during a consultation are:

Hiring Practices

Looking at your turnover and the reasons for it, making sure your job descriptions are up to date and truly reflect the job duties and qualifications needed for the job, having a legally compliant employment application, having proper screening questions, having behavior based interview questions, ensuring you are meeting equal opportunity requirements and retaining appropriate documentation on applications and much, much more.

Policies and Procedures 

Depending on the size and type of your organization, policies and procedures help ensure a safe and productive work environment. They also spell out your expectations. By reviewing your handbook or talking about how you handle such things as absences, employee conduct, safety, customer service, break time, overtime, holidays and vacations, I can offer solutions to keep you and your employees happy and productive.

Compliance with federal and state laws

Again, depending on the size of your organization, there are federal and state laws concerning employees that you are required to comply with. I review the laws that apply to your business and give you cost effective and streamlined ways to comply. After our consultation it is up to you to decide if the value of having me as your virtual HR advisor is beneficial to your organization. One hour with me—while seemingly scary at first—is much easier than an hour in the dentist chair and much less costly!

Stop putting it off – call today to schedule your free one hour consultation!



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